chetanmeh commented on a change in pull request #4628: Embedded Kafka support 
in OpenWhisk Standalone mode

 File path: 
 @@ -63,6 +64,25 @@ class Conf(arguments: Seq[String]) extends 
ScallopConf(arguments) {
   val apiGwPort = opt[Int](descr = "Api Gateway Port", default = Some(3234), 
noshort = true)
   val dataDir = opt[File](descr = "Directory used for storage", default = 
+  val kafka = opt[Boolean](descr = "Enable embedded Kafka support", noshort = 
+  val kafkaUi = opt[Boolean](descr = "Enable Kafka UI", noshort = true)
+  val kafkaPort = opt[Int](
+    descr = "Kafka port. If not specified then 9092 or some random free port 
(if 9092 is busy) would be used",
+    noshort = true,
+    required = false)
 Review comment:
   This is done on purpose. Port 9092 is more like a "preferred" port. If no 
explicit option is provided then system would try to start Kafka by default at 
9092. However if that port is busy then a random port would be selected. 
   This is done to ensure that Standalone OpenWhisk needs minimum required free 
port (for now only 3233). Rest all services can be started at any port and then 
dependent service would be configured as per randomly selected port
   If a user explicitly provides a port like `--kafka-port 9010` then Kafka 
would be started at that port. If the port is busy then Kafka would fail to 
start. This support is mostly meant for test which would like to know where 
Kafka would start

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