ali-raza-tariq opened a new issue #4687: Openwhisk users & namespaces wskadmin 
utility - clarification
   Hi guys,  i have been testing with OpenWhisk (docker-compose) environment so 
far and want to try out `wskadmin` Utility. Surprisingly, i could not find any 
detailed resources that could provide significant background except the install 
instructions and some use-instructions for `wskadmin`. I would really 
appreciate if someone could clarify a few things in this regard. 
   First, what is the difference between a user & namespace when using 
wskadmin. Normally, a namespace is a logical entity that can be subjected to 
various limits and rule, and can have multiple users but in another issue 
(, i found someone 
answered creating the namespace the same way you create user! using `wskadmin` 
(which makes it confusing). If this is true then how can we add multiple users 
in the same namespace?- won't that be just like creating new namespaces? Also 
the -ns (namespace) flag is no longer working (whenever i try to use it, it 
shows `[wskadmin] Error: Unknown option 'n'`). Has it been deprecated or 
   Second, are the namespaces created using `wskadmin` utility in any way 
different than the OpenWhisk namespace? The reason i ask this is, when i 
created multiple users/namespaces using `wskadmin`, i am unable to see them in 
`wsk -i namespace list`. 
   Third, when you deploy OpenWhisk (docker-compose), you have a serverless 
environment with guest namespace. I want to create different namespaces with 
different limits (i am assuming `wskadmin` can help me do this!), then run 
invocations in those namespaces and analyze the invocation behaviors. I don't 
know, even after i create different users, how to switch between users & 
namespaces for testing. Or does users need to join/login (how?) my OpenWhisk 
deployment separately (different terminal)? 
   Can someone provide resources that can help me in this regard? thanks!

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