pwplusnick opened a new issue #163: Knative implementation returns init 
response on non-stem cell first runs
   On the first run of non-stem cell (environmentally initialized containers), 
return the initialization response rather than the return of the run.
   Replication steps:
   kind: Service
     name: greetings-builtin-code
     namespace: default
           - image: openwhisk/action-nodejs-v12
               - name: __OW_RUNTIME_PLATFORM
                 value: knative
               - name: __OW_ACTION_NAME
                 value: greetings-builtin-code
               - name: __OW_ACTION_CODE
                 value: "function main(params) {return {payload: 'Hello ' + + ' from ' + +  '!'};}"
   After deployment,
   kubectl apply -f service.yaml
   ```bash configured
   kubectl get ksvc
   NAME                     URL                                                 
LATESTCREATED                  LATESTREADY                    READY   REASON
greetings-builtin-code-fv6cv   greetings-builtin-code-fv6cv   True    
       "value": {
           "name" : "Will",
           "place" : "Austin"
   Now when curl'ing the endpoint, we expect to see the function run
    curl -d @value-data.json
   instead we see
   I can potentially look into the fix, but I definitely wanted to write down 
the replication steps before I forgot.
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