markusthoemmes commented on a change in pull request #2577: Support multiple 
response header values in raw web actions

 File path: 
 @@ -1127,6 +1127,27 @@ trait WebActionsApiTests extends ControllerTestCommon 
with BeforeAndAfterEach wi
+        it should s"support multiple values for headers (auth? 
${creds.isDefined})" in {
+            implicit val tid = transid()
+            Seq(s"$systemId/proxy/export_c.http").
+                foreach { path =>
+                    invocationsAllowed += 1
+                    actionResult = Some(
+                        JsObject(
+                            "headers" -> JsObject(
+                                "Set-Cookie" -> JsArray(JsString("a=b"), 
JsString("c=d; Path = /")))))
+                    Options(s"$testRoutePath/$path") ~> 
sealRoute(routes(creds)) ~> check {
+                        withClue(headers) {
+                            headers.length shouldBe 2
+                            headers(0).toString shouldBe "Set-Cookie: a=b"
+                            headers(1).toString shouldBe "Set-Cookie: c=d; 
Path = /"
+                        }
 Review comment:
   Using the extensive matchers of ScalaTest, we can write this in a more 
speaking way and even preserve great error messages in case a test fails. We 
also should preserve typesafety here and not rely on the string representation 
of the headers:
   Assuming you want to keep the order stable (which I think is not necessary 
here) you could write:
   headers shouldBe List(RawHeader("Set-Cookie", "a=b"), 
RawHeader("Set-Cookie", "c=d; Path = /"))
   This code would fail with appropriate error messages if the list doesn't 
comply to the test, and automatically print both lists to be checked thus 
removing the need for `withClue` and a specific length check.
   As I think we shouldn't check for a specific order here, we could use 
`contains allOf` like so:
   headers should contain allOf (
       RawHeader("Set-Cookie", "a=b"),
       RawHeader("Set-Cookie", "c=d; Path = /")
   Externalizing the cookie values and the headername (maybe even strongly 
typing them with `scala.http.HttpHeaders.Set-Cookie` and 
`scala.http.HttpCookie`) is valuable here as well.
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