tysonnorris commented on a change in pull request #2584: SPI for Loadbalancer

 File path: 
 @@ -77,16 +82,32 @@ trait LoadBalancer {
     def publish(action: ExecutableWhiskAction, msg: 
ActivationMessage)(implicit transid: TransactionId): 
Future[Future[Either[ActivationId, WhiskActivation]]]
+    /**
+     * Return a message indicating the health of the containers and/or 
container pool in general
+     * @return a Future[String] representing the heal response that will be 
sent to the client
+     */
+    def getHealthResponse: Future[JsObject]
+class LoadBalancerServiceProvider extends LoadBalancerProvider {
+    override def getLoadBalancer(config: WhiskConfig, instance: InstanceId)
+            (implicit logging: Logging, actorSystem: ActorSystem): 
LoadBalancer = new LoadBalancerService(config, instance)
+object LoadBalancerServiceProvider extends SpiFactory[LoadBalancerProvider]{
+    override def apply(dependencies: Dependencies): LoadBalancerProvider = new 
 class LoadBalancerService(
     config: WhiskConfig,
-    instance: InstanceId,
-    entityStore: EntityStore)(
+    instance: InstanceId)(
         implicit val actorSystem: ActorSystem,
         logging: Logging)
     extends LoadBalancer {
+    /** Used to manage an action for testing invoker health */
+    val entityStore =  WhiskEntityStore.datastore(config)
 Review comment:
   It is not generating a new one, but acquiring a reference to the singleton 
EntityStore. The reference from LoadBalancerServer -> EntityStore is an impl 
detail (used to create the health action) that doesn't have anything to do with 
the LoadBalancer interface. To pass as Dependencies, the `SpiLoader.get` call 
in Controller would need to "know" this impl detail. 
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