rabbah commented on a change in pull request #2218: Port Controller from Spray 
to Akka

 File path: 
 @@ -38,19 +37,17 @@ trait AuthenticatedRoute {
     protected implicit val executionContext: ExecutionContext
     /** Creates HTTP BasicAuth handler */
-    protected def basicauth(implicit transid: TransactionId) = {
-        new BasicHttpAuthenticator[Identity](realm = "whisk rest service", 
validateCredentials _) {
-            override def apply(ctx: RequestContext) = {
-                super.apply(ctx) recover {
-                    case t: IllegalStateException => 
-                    case t                        => 
-                }
+    def basicAuth[A](verify: Option[BasicHttpCredentials] => 
Future[Option[A]]) = {
+        authenticateOrRejectWithChallenge[BasicHttpCredentials, A] { creds =>
 Review comment:
   the code above tries to return a more informative error when authentication 
fails because the database is not available. I think we are losing this feature 
now. I don't think there was a test for this (it will require mocking a db 
connection and failing it). 
   you can simulate this locally and verify this is a small change in behavior 
- if i'm right, then please open an issue to address it separately (this time 
with a test).
   edit: confirmed that the new logic reports an internal server error if the 
database connection is severed instead of service unavailable.
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