eweiter opened a new issue #3246: ActionLimitsTests memory test failing
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk/issues/3246
   The mainOpenwhisk build has been breaking for the past >10 builds.
   The reason for the failure was
   "limits should be aborted when exceeding its memory limits"
   the test tries to verify that an action is aborted when it hits a set memory 
limit but the abortion is not happening, so when the test tries to verify that 
an error exists on the response the test will fail. 
   A discussion occurred on the whisk-debug channel.  Here is a transcript of 
what was discussed as the solution to this issue. 
   Markus Th?mmes [1:40 PM]
   I?d think we need to delay execution of the action a bit so the OOM killer 
can do it?s job
   Markus Th?mmes [1:42 PM]
   that action should always fail
   but I don?t know how the memory limit is enforced. Are cgroups 
?synchronous?? As in: Should it be impossible to even allocate the memory? 
   Sven Lange-Last [1:48 PM]
   cgroups check for physical memory. once the physical memory sum of all 
processes in a container exceeds the limit, the oom killer selects the largest 
memory consuming process in the container and kills it.
   2.5 Reclaim
   Each cgroup maintains a per cgroup LRU which has the same structure as
   global VM. When a cgroup goes over its limit, we first try
   to reclaim memory from the cgroup so as to make space for the new
   pages that the cgroup has touched. If the reclaim is unsuccessful,
   an OOM routine is invoked to select and kill the bulkiest task in the
   Markus Th?mmes [1:51 PM]
   that is: it is async? (edited)
   Sven Lange-Last [1:51 PM]
   it is async.
   Markus Th?mmes [1:52 PM]
   @rabbah ^^ our nodejs code might exit (and nuke memory) too fast, so we 
could delay the actions execution by 2-3 seconds to give the killer time to 
operate. That was my idea
   Sven Lange-Last [1:53 PM]
   in particular, we need to make sure that the node.js code keeps pages in 
physical memory. otherwise, the memory handler may evoke pages.
   => write some random values to each of the pages and keep reading these 
values from all pages every 100 ms will keep all pages active.
   otherwise: if the test is run on a system that has memory pressure, 
allocated pages may be paged out and won?t get accounted for physical memory 
any more.

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