tardieu commented on a change in pull request #3202: Support action 
continuations in the controller

 File path: 
 @@ -140,6 +200,349 @@ protected[actions] trait PrimitiveActions {
+  /**
+   * Mutable cumulative accounting of what happened during the execution of a 
+   *
+   * Compositions are aborted if the number of action invocations exceeds a 
+   * The permitted max is n component invocations plus 2n+1 conductor 
invocations (where n is the actionSequenceLimit).
+   * The max is chosen to permit a sequence with up to n primitive actions.
+   *
+   * NOTE:
+   * A sequence invocation counts as one invocation irrespective of the number 
of action invocations in the sequence.
+   * If one component of a composition is also a composition, the caller and 
callee share the same accounting object.
+   * The counts are shared between callers and callees so the limit applies 
+   *
+   * @param components the current count of component actions already invoked
+   * @param conductors the current count of conductor actions already invoked
+   */
+  private case class CompositionAccounting(var components: Int = 0, var 
conductors: Int = 0)
+  /**
+   * A mutable session object to keep track of the execution of one 
+   *
+   * NOTE:
+   * The session object is not shared between callers and callees.
+   *
+   * @param activationId the activationId for the composition (ie the 
activation record for the composition)
+   * @param start the start time for the composition
+   * @param action the conductor action responsible for the execution of the 
+   * @param cause the cause of the composition (activationId of the enclosing 
sequence or composition if any)
+   * @param duration the "user" time so far executing the composition (sum of 
durations for
+   *        all actions invoked so far which is different from the total time 
spent executing the composition)
+   * @param maxMemory the maximum memory annotation observed so far for the 
conductor action and components
+   * @param state the json state object to inject in the parameter object of 
the next conductor invocation
+   * @param accounting the global accounting object used to abort compositions 
requiring too many action invocations
+   * @param logs a mutable buffer that is appended with new activation ids as 
the composition unfolds
+   *             (in contrast with sequences, the logs of a hierarchy of 
compositions is not flattened)
+   */
+  private case class Session(activationId: ActivationId,
+                             start: Instant,
+                             action: ExecutableWhiskActionMetaData,
+                             cause: Option[ActivationId],
+                             var duration: Long,
 Review comment:
   No I don't think so. This current type follows from:
   case class WhiskActivation(namespace: EntityPath,
                              duration: Option[Long] = None)

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