ygalashov opened a new issue #272: Controller crash loop
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk-deploy-kube/issues/272
   I cant run openwhisk on single node k8s clustre. 
   I'm installing helm chart according to guidelines.
   Here is my clusterconfig.yaml:
       type: NodePort
       api_host_name: # Internal node ip as I don't want openWhisk 
to be public
       api_host_port: 32001
     httpsNodePort: 32001
     replicaCount: 1
   And shortly after install I get controller stucked in crash loop with no 
errors. Here is controller output:
   Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions 
   [2018-08-10T08:05:33.972Z] [INFO] Initializing Kamon...
   [INFO] [08/10/2018 08:05:35.013] [main] [StatsDExtension(akka://kamon)] 
Starting the Kamon(StatsD) extension
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.108Z] [INFO] Slf4jLogger started
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.383Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for limits.triggers.fires.perMinute
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.387Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for limits.actions.sequence.maxLength
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.388Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for limits.actions.invokes.concurrent
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.389Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for controller.instances
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.390Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for limits.actions.invokes.perMinute
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.391Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for runtimes.manifest
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.393Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for kafka.hosts
   [2018-08-10T08:05:35.393Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Config] environment 
set value for port
   [2018-08-10T08:05:36.628Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] 
[KafkaMessagingProvider] topic completed0 already existed
   [2018-08-10T08:05:36.926Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] 
[KafkaMessagingProvider] topic health already existed
   [2018-08-10T08:05:37.282Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] 
[KafkaMessagingProvider] topic cacheInvalidation already existed
   [2018-08-10T08:05:37.452Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] 
[KafkaMessagingProvider] topic events already existed
   [2018-08-10T08:05:37.890Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_controller] [Controller] 
starting controller instance 0 [marker:controller_startup0_count:2509]
   [2018-08-10T08:05:43.842Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_dispatcher] [MessageFeed] 
handler capacity = 128, pipeline fill at = 128, pipeline depth = 256
   [2018-08-10T08:05:44.789Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_loadbalancer] 
[ShardingContainerPoolBalancerState] blackboxFraction = 0.1
   [2018-08-10T08:05:49.990Z] [INFO] [#tid_sid_unknown] [Controller] Shutting 
down Kamon with coordinated shutdown
   Sometimes I get something like this after Shutting down Kamon:
   [INFO] [08/10/2018 08:14:31.781] [kamon-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-4] 
[akka://kamon/user/metrics] Message 
[kamon.metric.SubscriptionsDispatcher$Tick$] without sender to 
Actor[akka://kamon/user/metrics#1393956761] was not delivered. [1] dead letters 
encountered. This logging can be turned off or adjusted with configuration 
settings 'akka.log-dead-letters' and 'akka.log-dead-letters-during-shutdown'.
   Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: cannot create 
children while terminating or terminated
        at akka.actor.dungeon.Children$class.makeChild(Children.scala:264)
   Please advise

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