Na Li commented on SENTRY-2143:

[~akolb] I looked more into the code, in order for table rename to work with 
HMS sync, hive meta store code has to change.

1) SentrySyncHMSNotificationsPostEventListener.syncNotificationEvents does not 
do anything for {color:red}*alter table event*{color} because HiveMetaStore 
does not set the notification ID  in the event's parameter
  private void syncNotificationEvents(ListenerEvent event, String eventName) {
    // Do not sync notifications if the event has failed.
    if (failedEvent(event, eventName)) {

    Map<String, String> eventParameters = event.getParameters();

2) Notification ID is set for create database, create table etc, but not set 
for alter table event.
2.1) in HiveMetaStore, create_table_core calls transactional listener, and the 
notification ID of the corresponding event is stored in 
*transactionalListenerResponses*. The notification ID in 
transactionalListenerResponses is set to create table event as event parameter 
for event listener. in
transactionalListenerResponses = 
EventType.CREATE_TABLE, new CreateTableEvent(tbl, true, this), envContext);

+  create_table_core          
            if (primaryKeys == null && foreignKeys == null) {
            } else {
              ms.createTableWithConstraints(tbl, primaryKeys, foreignKeys);

            if (!this.transactionalListeners.isEmpty()) {
              transactionalListenerResponses = 
EventType.CREATE_TABLE, new CreateTableEvent(tbl, true, this), envContext);

            success = ms.commitTransaction();
          } finally {
            if (!success) {
              if (madeDir) {
                this.wh.deleteDir(tblPath, true);

            if (!this.listeners.isEmpty()) {
EventType.CREATE_TABLE, new CreateTableEvent(tbl, success, this), envContext, 
transactionalListenerResponses, ms);

2.2) in HiveMetaStore, alter_table_core does NOT call transactional listener, 
and the notification ID is the alter table event is NOT set in the event 
+ alter_table_core
      try {
        Table oldt = this.get_table_core(dbname, name);
        this.firePreEvent(new PreAlterTableEvent(oldt, newTable, this));
        this.alterHandler.alterTable(this.getMS(), this.wh, dbname, name, 
newTable, envContext, this);
        success = true;
        if (!this.listeners.isEmpty()) {
EventType.ALTER_TABLE, new AlterTableEvent(oldt, newTable, true, this), 
      } catch (NoSuchObjectException var12) {
        ex = var12;
        throw new InvalidOperationException(var12.getMessage());
      } catch (Exception var13) {
        ex = var13;
        if (var13 instanceof MetaException) {
          throw (MetaException)var13;

        if (var13 instanceof InvalidOperationException) {
          throw (InvalidOperationException)var13;

        throw newMetaException(var13);
      } finally {
        this.endFunction("alter_table", success, (Exception)ex, name);

2.3) In order for table rename sync to work, *{color:red}HiveMetaStore{color}* 
has to change to set the notification ID in event parameters. 

> Table renames should synchronize with Sentry
> --------------------------------------------
>                 Key: SENTRY-2143
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SENTRY-2143
>             Project: Sentry
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Sentry
>    Affects Versions: 2.1.0
>            Reporter: Alexander Kolbasov
>            Assignee: Na Li
>            Priority: Major
>         Attachments: SENTRY-2143.001.patch, SENTRY-2143.002.patch, 
> SENTRY-2143.003.patch, SENTRY-2143.004.patch
> Currently table renames are not synchronized from Hive (while table 
> creates/drops are). This creates a problem since the renamed table doesn't 
> have correct privileges for a bit until it is processed by Sentry. So 
> perfectly valid scripts that rename tables and expect the rename table to 
> retain the privileges are going to fail.
> The fix is to update {{SentrySyncHMSNotificationsPostEventListener}} to 
> synchronize table renames as well.

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