xukun created SPARK-17582:

             Summary: Error Executor info in SparkUI ExecutorsTab
                 Key: SPARK-17582
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-17582
             Project: Spark
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Spark Core
            Reporter: xukun
            Priority: Minor

When executor is losted, SparkUI ExecutorsTab still show its executor info.

 class HeartbeatReceiver.scala
  override def receiveAndReply(context: RpcCallContext): PartialFunction[Any, 
Unit] = {

    // Messages sent and received locally
    case ExecutorRegistered(executorId) =>
      executorLastSeen(executorId) = clock.getTimeMillis()
    case ExecutorRemoved(executorId) =>
    case TaskSchedulerIsSet =>
      scheduler = sc.taskScheduler
    case ExpireDeadHosts =>

    // Messages received from executors
    case heartbeat @ Heartbeat(executorId, taskMetrics, blockManagerId) =>
      if (scheduler != null) {
        if (executorLastSeen.contains(executorId)) {
          executorLastSeen(executorId) = clock.getTimeMillis()
          eventLoopThread.submit(new Runnable {
            override def run(): Unit = Utils.tryLogNonFatalError {
              val unknownExecutor = !scheduler.executorHeartbeatReceived(
                executorId, taskMetrics, blockManagerId)
              val response = HeartbeatResponse(reregisterBlockManager = 
        } else {
          // This may happen if we get an executor's in-flight heartbeat 
          // after we just removed it. It's not really an error condition so we 
          // not log warning here. Otherwise there may be a lot of noise 
especially if
          // we explicitly remove executors (SPARK-4134).
          logDebug(s"Received heartbeat from unknown executor $executorId")
          context.reply(HeartbeatResponse(reregisterBlockManager = false))
      } else {
        // Because Executor will sleep several seconds before sending the first 
"Heartbeat", this
        // case rarely happens. However, if it really happens, log it and ask 
the executor to
        // register itself again.
        logWarning(s"Dropping $heartbeat because TaskScheduler is not ready 
        context.reply(HeartbeatResponse(reregisterBlockManager = true))
HeartbeatReceiver receive message:  Heartbeat and ExecutorRemoved; 
If the process like listed:
1. process HeartBeat and eventLoopThread not return result
 2.process ExecutorRemoved
variables unknownExecutor will  be true,it will lead to reregisterBlockManager.
The result is that executor is lost and blockManager is still alive.  

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