Maciej Szymkiewicz created SPARK-17587:

             Summary: SparseVector __getitem__ should follow __getitem__ 
                 Key: SPARK-17587
             Project: Spark
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: ML, MLlib, PySpark
    Affects Versions: 2.0.0, 1.6.0
            Reporter: Maciej Szymkiewicz
            Priority: Minor

According to {{\_\_getitem\_\_}} 

if of a value outside the set of indexes for the sequence (after any special 
interpretation of negative values), {{IndexError}} should be raised.

This required for example for correct iteration over the structure.

Right now it throws {{ValueError}} what results in a quite confusing behavior 
when attempt to iterate over a vector results in a {{ValueError}} due to 
unterminated iteration:


In [1]: from pyspark.mllib.linalg import SparseVector

In [2]: list(SparseVector(4, [0], [0]))
ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-2-147f3bb0a47d> in <module>()
----> 1 list(SparseVector(4, [0], [0]))

/opt/spark-2.0/python/pyspark/mllib/linalg/ in __getitem__(self, 
    804         if index >= self.size or index < -self.size:
--> 805             raise ValueError("Index %d out of bounds." % index)
    806         if index < 0:
    807             index += self.size

ValueError: Index 4 out of bounds.

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