Eric Liang created SPARK-17994:

             Summary: Add back a file status cache for catalog tables
                 Key: SPARK-17994
             Project: Spark
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Eric Liang

In SPARK-16980, we removed the full in-memory cache of table partitions in 
favor of loading only needed partitions from the metastore. This greatly 
improves the initial latency of queries that only read a small fraction of 
table partitions.

However, since the metastore does not store file statistics, we need to 
discover those from remote storage. With the loss of the in-memory file status 
cache this has to happen on each query, increasing the latency of repeated 
queries over the same partitions.

The proposal is to add back a per-table cache of partition contents, i.e. 
Map[Path, Array[FileStatus]]. This cache would be retained per-table, and would 
be invalidated through refreshTable() and refreshByPath(). Unlike the prior 
cache, it can be incrementally updated as new partitions are read.

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