limited commented on a change in pull request #2406: Re-added 
anonymous_blocking_enabled field to deliveryservice queries

 File path: lib/go-tc/deliveryservices.go
 @@ -58,59 +58,60 @@ type DeleteDeliveryServiceResponse struct {
 // DeliveryService ...
 // TODO move contents to DeliveryServiceV12, fix references, and remove
 type DeliveryService struct {
-       Active               bool                   `json:"active"`
-       CacheURL             string                 `json:"cacheurl"`
-       CCRDNSTTL            int                    `json:"ccrDnsTtl"`
-       CDNID                int                    `json:"cdnId"`
-       CDNName              string                 `json:"cdnName"`
-       CheckPath            string                 `json:"checkPath"`
-       DeepCachingType      DeepCachingType        `json:"deepCachingType"`
-       DisplayName          string                 `json:"displayName"`
-       DNSBypassCname       string                 `json:"dnsBypassCname"`
-       DNSBypassIP          string                 `json:"dnsBypassIp"`
-       DNSBypassIP6         string                 `json:"dnsBypassIp6"`
-       DNSBypassTTL         int                    `json:"dnsBypassTtl"`
-       DSCP                 int                    `json:"dscp"`
-       EdgeHeaderRewrite    string                 `json:"edgeHeaderRewrite"`
-       ExampleURLs          []string               `json:"exampleURLs"`
-       GeoLimit             int                    `json:"geoLimit"`
-       FQPacingRate         int                    `json:"fqPacingRate"`
-       GeoProvider          int                    `json:"geoProvider"`
-       GlobalMaxMBPS        int                    `json:"globalMaxMbps"`
-       GlobalMaxTPS         int                    `json:"globalMaxTps"`
-       HTTPBypassFQDN       string                 `json:"httpBypassFqdn"`
-       ID                   int                    `json:"id"`
-       InfoURL              string                 `json:"infoUrl"`
-       InitialDispersion    float32                `json:"initialDispersion"`
-       IPV6RoutingEnabled   bool                   `json:"ipv6RoutingEnabled"`
-       LastUpdated          *TimeNoMod             `json:"lastUpdated" 
-       LogsEnabled          bool                   `json:"logsEnabled"`
-       LongDesc             string                 `json:"longDesc"`
-       LongDesc1            string                 `json:"longDesc1"`
-       LongDesc2            string                 `json:"longDesc2"`
-       MatchList            []DeliveryServiceMatch `json:"matchList,omitempty"`
-       MaxDNSAnswers        int                    `json:"maxDnsAnswers"`
-       MidHeaderRewrite     string                 `json:"midHeaderRewrite"`
-       MissLat              float64                `json:"missLat"`
-       MissLong             float64                `json:"missLong"`
-       MultiSiteOrigin      bool                   `json:"multiSiteOrigin"`
-       OrgServerFQDN        string                 `json:"orgServerFqdn"`
-       ProfileDesc          string                 `json:"profileDescription"`
-       ProfileID            int                    `json:"profileId,omitempty"`
-       ProfileName          string                 `json:"profileName"`
-       Protocol             int                    `json:"protocol"`
-       QStringIgnore        int                    `json:"qstringIgnore"`
-       RangeRequestHandling int                    
-       RegexRemap           string                 `json:"regexRemap"`
-       RegionalGeoBlocking  bool                   `json:"regionalGeoBlocking"`
-       RemapText            string                 `json:"remapText"`
-       RoutingName          string                 `json:"routingName"`
-       SigningAlgorithm     string                 `json:"signingAlgorithm" 
-       TypeID               int                    `json:"typeId"`
-       Type                 string                 `json:"type"`
-       TRResponseHeaders    string                 `json:"trResponseHeaders"`
-       TenantID             int                    `json:"tenantId,omitempty"`
-       XMLID                string                 `json:"xmlId"`
+       Active                   bool                   `json:"active"`
+       AnonymousBlockingEnabled bool                   
 Review comment:
   We have existing 1.2 API callers that use the anonymous blocking field. 
Moving it to 1.3 in the go API would break 1.2 for us (and that is not 
backwards compatible as SemVer claims to be). 
   Really it should not have been merged to 1.2 in the first place if the API 
was fixed back in May, but here we are now. 

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