mhoppa opened a new pull request #3908: Add deprecated message to 
cachegroup/:parameter_id/parameter resp
   ************ STOP!! ************
   If this Pull Request is intended to fix a security vulnerability, DO NOT 
submit it! Instead, contact
   the Apache Software Foundation Security Team at and follow the
   guidelines at regarding vulnerability 
   ## What does this PR (Pull Request) do?
   <!-- Explain the changes you made here. If this fixes an Issue, identify it 
   replacing the text in the checkbox item with the Issue number e.g.
   - [x] This PR fixes #9001 OR is not related to any Issue
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   Be sure you check the box properly, see the "The following criteria are ALL
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   - [x] This PR is not related to any Issue <!-- You can check for an issue 
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   ## Which Traffic Control components are affected by this PR?
   <!-- Please delete all components from this list that are NOT affected by 
   Pull Request. Also, feel free to add the name of a tool or script that is
   affected but not on the list.
   Additionally, if this Pull Request does NOT affect documentation, please
   explain why documentation is not required. -->
   - Traffic Ops
   There is not a change to documentation as it is already mark deprecated in 
   ## What is the best way to verify this PR?
   <!-- Please include here ALL the steps necessary to test your Pull Request. 
   it includes tests (and most should), outline here the steps needed to run the
   tests. If not, lay out the manual testing procedure and please explain why
   tests are unnecessary for this Pull Request. -->
   Start up Perl TO locally with change and make a request to it. On success 
you should receive back a response that has an alert section with deprecate 
   ## If this is a bug fix, what versions of Traffic Control are affected?
   <!-- If this PR fixes a bug, please list here all of the affected versions - 
   the best of your knowledge. It's also pretty helpful to include a commit hash
   of where 'master' is at the time this PR is opened (if it affects master),
   because what 'master' means will change over time. For example, if this PR
   fixes a bug that's present in master (at commit hash '2697ebac'), in v3.0.0,
   and in the current 3.0.1 Release candidate (e.g. RC1), then this list would
   look like:
   - master (2697ebac)
   - 3.0.0
   - 3.0.1 (RC1)
   If you don't know what other versions might have this bug, AND don't know how
   to find the commit hash of 'master', then feel free to leave this section
   blank (or, preferably, delete it entirely).
   ## The following criteria are ALL met by this PR
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   - [x] This PR does not includes tests
   - [x] I have explained why documentation is unnecessary
   - [x] This PR does include an update to as such an update is 
not necessary
   - [x] This PR includes any and all required license headers
   - [x] This PR does not include a database migration
Apache Software Foundation's security 
guidelines]( for details)
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