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+# Profile Parameter Comparison / Management 
+## Problem Description
+*What* is being asked for?
+*Why* is this necessary?
+*How* will this be used?
+As an operations user, I need the ability to easily compare parameters across 
2 profiles and easily add or remove parameters from each profile. Currently in 
Traffic Portal, you can compare 2 profiles but it simply involves a comparison 
of the JSON returned from calls to GET /api/profiles/:profileid_1 and GET 
/api/profiles/:profileid_2. Any reconciliation of the 2 profiles would involve 
manually noting the differences and then navigating to either profile and 
making the necessary changes. This is not the best user experience. It is 
time-consuming and is prone to error.
+## Proposed Change
+*How* will this be implemented (at a high level)?
+The current view in Traffic Portal 
(https://tp.domain.com/#!/profiles/compare/:profile_id_1/:profile_id_2) can be 
redesigned to list a superset of all parameters across the 2 profiles and show 
their profile membership side-by-side. It can also provide the ability to 
remove or add parameters to each profile easily and allow the user to persist 
the final state of both profiles (or reset to the original state). As the user 
makes changes, a visible indicater can be provided (i.e. red checkboxes) to 
show what has been changed.
+![alt text](img/profile-param-compare-manage.png "Mockup of proposed profile 
comparison view")
 Review comment:
   Nah, if you look at the source of the example images in that cheat sheet 
you'll see that they have literally `alt="alt text"` - title &#8800; alt text. 
Alt text is what's shown in user agents that don't support images and/or the 
image type of the image. It's an accessibility concern. Meanwhile:
   > _"The `title` global attribute contains text representing advisory 
information related to the element it belongs to."_ - MDN
   There's some other stuff including inheritance that differ between them, but 
the big difference is advisory information vs alternative representation.

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