zrhoffman opened a new issue #4295: tc GoDoc starts with sentence about the 
enum package
URL: https://github.com/apache/trafficcontrol/issues/4295
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   If this issue identifies a security vulnerability, DO NOT submit it! 
Instead, contact
   the Apache Software Foundation Security Team at 
secur...@trafficcontrol.apache.org and follow the
   guidelines at https://www.apache.org/security/ regarding vulnerability 
   - For *SUPPORT QUESTIONS*, use the
   [Traffic Control slack channels](https://traffic-control-cdn.slack.com) or 
[Traffic Control mailing 
   - Before submitting, please **SEARCH GITHUB** for a similar issue or PR. -->
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   ## Traffic Control components affected ...
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   - [ ] CDN in a Box
   - [x] Documentation
   - [ ] Grove
   - [ ] Traffic Control Client
   - [ ] Traffic Monitor
   - [ ] Traffic Ops
   - [ ] Traffic Ops ORT
   - [ ] Traffic Portal
   - [ ] Traffic Router
   - [ ] Traffic Stats
   - [ ] Traffic Vault
   - [ ] unknown
   ## Current behavior:
   <!-- Describe how the bug manifests / how the current features are 
insufficient. -->
   If you visit https://godoc.org/github.com/apache/trafficcontrol/lib/go-tc, 
the GoDoc for the `tc` package will start with the following sentence:
   > [Package enum contains enumerations and strongly typed 
   ## Expected / new behavior:
   <!-- Describe what the behavior would be without the bug / how the feature 
would improve Traffic Control -->
   The `tc` GoDoc should only describe itself as the `tc` package.
   ## Minimal reproduction of the problem with instructions:
   If the current behavior is a bug or you can illustrate your feature request 
better with an example,
   please provide the *STEPS TO REPRODUCE* and include the applicable TC 
   1. Run these commands:
       go get -u golang.org/x/tools/cmd/godoc
       godoc -http=:6060
   1. In your browser, navigate to 
   1. Check the first sentence of the Overview section
   ## Anything else:
   <!-- e.g. stacktraces, related issues, suggestions how to fix -->
   `enum.go` should remain part of the `tc` package. See 
https://github.com/apache/trafficcontrol/pull/4293#issuecomment-574356841 for 
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   under the License.

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