ocket8888 commented on a change in pull request #3534: TP Delivery Service 
Generate SSL update, new letsencrypt generate and renew API endpoints
URL: https://github.com/apache/trafficcontrol/pull/3534#discussion_r378333326

 File path: traffic_ops/traffic_ops_golang/deliveryservice/keys.go
 @@ -210,9 +248,78 @@ func getSSLKeysByXMLIDHelper(xmlID string, inf 
*api.APIInfo, w http.ResponseWrit
        api.WriteResp(w, r, keyObj)
+// GetSSLKeysByXMLIDV15 fetches the deliveryservice ssl keys by the specified 
xmlID. V15 includes expiration date.
+func GetSSLKeysByXMLIDV15(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
+       inf, userErr, sysErr, errCode := api.NewInfo(r, []string{"xmlid"}, nil)
+       if userErr != nil || sysErr != nil {
+               api.HandleErr(w, r, inf.Tx.Tx, errCode, userErr, sysErr)
+               return
+       }
+       defer inf.Close()
+       if inf.Config.RiakEnabled == false {
+               api.HandleErr(w, r, inf.Tx.Tx, http.StatusInternalServerError, 
errors.New("the Riak service is unavailable"), errors.New("getting SSL keys 
from Riak by xml id: Riak is not configured"))
+               return
+       }
+       xmlID := inf.Params["xmlid"]
+       getSSLKeysByXMLIDHelperV15(xmlID, inf, w, r)
+func getSSLKeysByXMLIDHelperV15(xmlID string, inf *api.APIInfo, w 
http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
+       version := inf.Params["version"]
+       decode := inf.Params["decode"]
+       if userErr, sysErr, errCode := tenant.Check(inf.User, xmlID, 
inf.Tx.Tx); userErr != nil || sysErr != nil {
+               api.HandleErr(w, r, inf.Tx.Tx, errCode, userErr, sysErr)
+               return
+       }
+       keyObj, ok, err := riaksvc.GetDeliveryServiceSSLKeysObjV15(xmlID, 
version, inf.Tx.Tx, inf.Config.RiakAuthOptions, inf.Config.RiakPort)
+       if err != nil {
+               api.HandleErr(w, r, inf.Tx.Tx, http.StatusInternalServerError, 
nil, errors.New("getting ssl keys: "+err.Error()))
+               return
+       }
+       if !ok {
+               api.WriteRespAlertObj(w, r, tc.ErrorLevel, "no object found for 
the specified key", struct{}{})
 Review comment:
   This writes a response using the `200 OK` response code, which is 
inappropriate when the request was not successfully serviced. Looks like for 
backward compatibility we should still send back an empty object, but the 
response code can change to be more appropriate (probably `404 Not Found`).

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