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 Traffic Ops - Migrating from 2.0 to 2.2
+Per-DeliveryService Routing Names
+Before this release, DNS Delivery Services were hardcoded to use the name 
"edge", i.e. "", and HTTP Delivery Services use the name 
"tr" (or previously "ccr"), i.e. "". As of 2.2, Routing Names 
will default to "cdn" if left unspecified and can be set to any arbitrary 
non-dotted hostname.
+Pre-2.2 the HTTP Routing Name is configurable via the option 
in in the Traffic Router config file. If your CDN uses that 
option to change the name from "tr" to something else, then you will need to 
perform the following steps for each CDN affected:
+1. In Traffic Ops, create the following profile parameter (double-check for 
typos, trailing spaces, etc):
+  * **name**: upgrade_http_routing_name
+  * **config file**: temp
+  * **value**: whatever value is used for the affected CDN's
+2. Add this parameter to a single profile in the affected CDN
+With those profile parameters in place Traffic Ops can be safely upgraded to 
2.2. Before taking a post-upgrade snapshot, make sure to check your Delivery 
Service example URLs for unexpected Routing Name changes. Once Traffic Ops has 
been upgraded to 2.2 and a post-upgrade snapshot has been taken, your Traffic 
Routers can be upgraded to 2.2 (Traffic Routers must be upgraded after Traffic 
Ops so that they can work with custom per-DeliveryService Routing Names).
 Apache Traffic Server 7.x (Cachekey Plugin)
 In Traffic Ops 2.2 we have added support for Apache Traffic Server 7.x. With 
7.x comes support for the new cachekey plugin which replaces the cacheurl 
plugin which is now deprecated.  
@@ -97,4 +112,4 @@ Also note the ``s?`` used here so that both http and https 
requests will end up
 .. _ApacheTrafficServerDocs:
-Further documentation on the cachekey plugin can be found at 
\ No newline at end of file
+Further documentation on the cachekey plugin can be found at 


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