mitchell852 closed pull request #2111: updated the changelog format for TC 
issue: #2099

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diff --git a/traffic_ops/traffic_ops_golang/server/servers.go 
index bd25b201b..484994b96 100644
--- a/traffic_ops/traffic_ops_golang/server/servers.go
+++ b/traffic_ops/traffic_ops_golang/server/servers.go
@@ -144,11 +144,21 @@ func (server *TOServer) Validate(db *sqlx.DB) []error {
        log.Infof("got cdn id: %d from profile and cdn id: %d from server", 
cdnID, *server.CDNID)
        if cdnID != *server.CDNID {
-               errs = append(errs, errors.New("CDN of profile does not match 
Server CDN"))
+               errs = append(errs, errors.New(fmt.Sprintf("CDN id '%d' for 
profile '%d' does not match Server CDN '%d'", cdnID, *server.ProfileID, 
        return errs
+// ChangeLogMessage implements the api.ChangeLogger interface for a custom log 
+func (server TOServer) ChangeLogMessage(action string) (string, error) {
+       status := *server.Status
+       hostName := *server.HostName
+       message := action + ` ` + status + `server: { "hostName":"` + hostName 
+ `", id:` + strconv.Itoa(*server.ID) + ` }`
+       return message, nil
 func (server *TOServer) Read(db *sqlx.DB, params map[string]string, user 
auth.CurrentUser) ([]interface{}, []error, tc.ApiErrorType) {
        returnable := []interface{}{}


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