[Leif Hedstrom] Collapses the cmd/ build into one single build unit

[...truncated 42.19 KB...]
  CXX      SNIActionPerformer.o
  CXX      SSLCertLookup.o
  CXX      SSLSessionCache.o
  CXX      SSLConfig.o
  CXX      SSLInternal.o
  CXX      SSLNetAccept.o
  CXX      SSLNetProcessor.o
  CXX      SSLNetVConnection.o
  CXX      SSLNextProtocolAccept.o
  CXX      SSLNextProtocolSet.o
  CXX      SSLSNIConfig.o
  CXX      SSLUtils.o
  CXX      SSLClientUtils.o
  CXX      OCSPStapling.o
  CXX      UDPIOEvent.o
  CXX      UnixConnection.o
  CXX      UnixNet.o
  CXX      UnixNetAccept.o
  CXX      UnixNetPages.o
  CXX      UnixNetProcessor.o
  CXX      UnixNetVConnection.o
  CXX      UnixUDPConnection.o
  CXX      UnixUDPNet.o
  CXX      SSLDynlock.o
  CXX      NetVCTest.o
  AR       libinknet.a
 file: libinknet.a(OCSPStapling.o) has no symbols
 file: libinknet.a(OCSPStapling.o) has no symbols
Making all in aio
  CXX      AIO.o
  CXX      Inline.o
  AR       libinkaio.a
Making all in dns
  CXX      DNS.o
  CXX      DNSConnection.o
  CXX      Inline.o
  CXX      SplitDNS.o
  AR       libinkdns.a
Making all in hostdb
  CXX      HostDB.o
  CXX      Inline.o
  CXX      RefCountCache.o
  AR       libinkhostdb.a
Making all in utils
  CXX      Machine.o
  CXX      OneWayMultiTunnel.o
  CXX      OneWayTunnel.o
  AR       libinkutils.a
Making all in cache
  CXX      CacheDir.o
  CXX      Cache.o
  CXX      CacheDisk.o
  CXX      CacheHosting.o
  CXX      CacheHttp.o
  CXX      CacheLink.o
  CXX      CachePages.o
  CXX      CachePagesInternal.o
  CXX      CacheRead.o
  CXX      CacheVol.o
  CXX      CacheWrite.o
  CXX      Inline.o
  CXX      RamCacheCLFUS.o
  CXX      RamCacheLRU.o
  CXX      Store.o
  CXX      CacheTest.o
  AR       libinkcache.a
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.
Making all in proxy
Making all in hdrs
  CXX      HTTP.o
  CXX      HdrHeap.o
  CXX      HdrTSOnly.o
  CXX      HdrUtils.o
  CXX      HdrToken.o
  CXX      HttpCompat.o
  CXX      MIME.o
  CXX      URL.o
  CXX      HdrTest.o
  AR       libhdrs.a
Making all in shared
  CXX      DiagsConfig.o
  CXX      UglyLogStubs.o
  AR       libdiagsconfig.a
  AR       libUglyLogStubs.a
Making all in http
Making all in remap
  CXX      AclFiltering.o
  CXX      RemapConfig.o
  CXX      RemapPluginInfo.o
  CXX      RemapPlugins.o
  CXX      RemapProcessor.o
  CXX      UrlMapping.o
  CXX      UrlMappingPathIndex.o
  CXX      UrlRewrite.o
  AR       libhttp_remap.a
  CXX      HttpSessionAccept.o
  CXX      HttpBodyFactory.o
  CXX      HttpCacheSM.o
  CXX      Http1ClientSession.o
  CXX      Http1ClientTransaction.o
  CXX      HttpConfig.o
  CXX      HttpConnectionCount.o
  CXX      HttpDebugNames.o
  CXX      HttpPages.o
  CXX      HttpProxyServerMain.o
  CXX      HttpSM.o
  CXX      HttpServerSession.o
  CXX      HttpSessionManager.o
  CXX      HttpTransact.o
  CXX      HttpTransactCache.o
  CXX      HttpTransactHeaders.o
  CXX      HttpTunnel.o
  CXX      HttpUpdateSM.o
  CXX      ForwardedConfig.o
  CXX      HttpUpdateTester.o
  CXX      RegressionHttpTransact.o
  AR       libhttp.a
Making all in http2
  CXX      HPACK.o
  CXX      HTTP2.o
  CXX      Http2ClientSession.o
  CXX      Http2ConnectionState.o
  CXX      Http2DebugNames.o
  CXX      Http2Stream.o
  CXX      Http2SessionAccept.o
  CXX      HuffmanCodec.o
  CXX      RegressionHPACK.o
  AR       libhttp2.a
Making all in logging
  CXX      Log.o
  CXX      LogAccess.o
  CXX      LogAccessHttp.o
  CXX      LogBindings.o
  CXX      LogBuffer.o
  CXX      LogConfig.o
  CXX      LogField.o
  CXX      LogFieldAliasMap.o
  CXX      LogFile.o
  CXX      LogFilter.o
  CXX      LogFormat.o
  CXX      LogHost.o
  CXX      LogObject.o
  CXX      LogSock.o
  CXX      LogUtils.o
  CXX      LogCollationAccept.o
  CXX      LogCollationClientSM.o
  CXX      LogCollationHostSM.o
  AR       liblogging.a
  AR       liblogcollation.a
Making all in config
Making all in body_factory
Making all in default
make[4]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[4]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `all-am'.
  CXX      CacheControl.o
  CXX      ControlBase.o
  CXX      ControlMatcher.o
  CXX      ParentConsistentHash.o
  CXX      IPAllow.o
  CXX      ParentRoundRobin.o
  CXX      ParentSelectionStrategy.o
  CXX      ParentSelection.o
  CXX      Plugin.o
  CXX      PluginVC.o
  CXX      ProtocolProbeSessionAccept.o
  CXX      ProxyClientSession.o
  CXX      ProxyClientTransaction.o
  CXX      ReverseProxy.o
  CXX      StatPages.o
  CXX      Transform.o
  CXX      RegressionSM.o
  AR       libproxy.a
Making all in mgmt
Making all in utils
  CXX      MgmtMarshall.lo
  CXX      MgmtSocket.lo
  CXX      MgmtUtils.lo
  CXX      ExpandingArray.lo
  CXX      MgmtLocalCleanup.lo
  CXX      MgmtProcessCleanup.lo
Making all in api
Making all in include
make[3]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
  CXX      APITestCliRemote.o
  CXX      CoreAPIRemote.lo
  CXX      NetworkUtilsRemote.lo
  CXX      CoreAPIShared.lo
  CXX      EventCallback.lo
  CXX      INKMgmtAPI.lo
  CXX      NetworkMessage.lo
  CXX      CoreAPI.lo
  CXX      EventControlMain.lo
  CXX      NetworkUtilsLocal.lo
  CXX      TSControlMain.lo
  CXXLD    traffic_api_cli_remote
  CXX      RecordsConfig.lo
  CXX      BaseManager.lo
  CXX      ProcessManager.lo
  CXX      RecordsConfigUtils.lo
  CXX      ProxyConfig.lo
  CXX      Alarms.lo
  CXX      DerivativeMetrics.lo
  CXX      FileManager.lo
  CXX      LocalManager.lo
  CXX      Rollback.lo
  CXX      WebMgmtUtils.lo
copying selected object files to avoid basename conflicts...
Making all in cmd
  CXX      traffic_cache_tool/traffic_cache_tool-CacheDefs.o
  CXX      traffic_cache_tool/traffic_cache_tool-CacheTool.o
  CXX      traffic_cache_tool/traffic_cache_tool-File.o
  CXX      traffic_cache_tool/traffic_cache_tool-Command.o
  CXX      traffic_cache_tool/traffic_cache_tool-CacheScan.o
  CXX      traffic_via/traffic_via-traffic_via.o
  CXX      traffic_top/traffic_top-traffic_top.o
  CXX      traffic_manager/traffic_manager-AddConfigFilesHere.o
  CXX      traffic_manager/traffic_manager-traffic_manager.o
  CXX      traffic_server/traffic_server-CoreUtils.o
../../cmd/traffic_server/ fatal error: 'ts/ink_platform.h' 
file not found
#include "ts/ink_platform.h"
  CXX      traffic_server/traffic_server-Crash.o
  CXX      traffic_server/traffic_server-EventName.o
In file included from ../../cmd/traffic_server/
 fatal error: 'ts/ink_platform.h' file not found
#include "ts/ink_platform.h"
In file included from ../../cmd/traffic_server/
 fatal error: 'ts/ink_platform.h' file not found
#include "ts/ink_platform.h"
1 error generated.
make[1]: *** [traffic_server/traffic_server-Crash.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
1 error generated.
make[1]: *** [traffic_server/traffic_server-EventName.o] Error 1
1 error generated.
make[1]: *** [traffic_server/traffic_server-CoreUtils.o] Error 1
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

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