Sandhya Sundaresan created TRAFODION-2949:

             Summary: LOB: Address performance issues related to inserts in 
tables containing LOB columns
                 Key: TRAFODION-2949
             Project: Apache Trafodion
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Sandhya Sundaresan
            Assignee: Sandhya Sundaresan

# Investigate bottlenecks in the insert and update code paths.

A couple of bottlenecks identified initially were hdfsWrite and the LOBCLi call.
 # Investigate if lib hdfs write operation is signifincantly slower than a 
direct JNI call. If so  consider refactoring code being done for hive inserts 
and reuse for LOB writes as well. Also investigate use of libhdfs3 , a 
lightweight interface by Pivotal for Hawk ,that doesn’t use JNI at all.
 # Investigate if LOB Cli calls that do prepare and execute of statements to 
insert/update the LOB descriptor tables are being cached and reused when 
multiple LOB inserts are being done in the same session.
 # Investigate external LOBs as a solution for faster inserts/extracts for 
usage compared to internal LOBs.

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