liu ming created TRAFODION-2227:

             Summary: support JSON handling functions
                 Key: TRAFODION-2227
             Project: Apache Trafodion
          Issue Type: Sub-task
            Reporter: liu ming

A lot of database provide built-in function to manipulate with JSON string.

MySQL provide good template, this JIRA is created to track the supporting of 
all following MySQL functions:

JSON_APPEND()                   Append data to JSON document
JSON_ARRAY()                    Create JSON array
JSON_ARRAY_APPEND()     Append data to JSON document
JSON_ARRAY_INSERT()     Insert into JSON array
JSON_CONTAINS()                 Whether JSON document contains specific object 
at path
JSON_CONTAINS_PATH()    Whether JSON document contains any data at path
JSON_DEPTH()                    Maximum depth of JSON document
JSON_EXTRACT()                  Return data from JSON document
JSON_INSERT()                    Insert data into JSON document
JSON_KEYS()                     Array of keys from JSON document
JSON_LENGTH()                   Number of elements in JSON document
JSON_MERGE()                    Merge JSON documents
JSON_OBJECT()                  Create JSON object
JSON_QUOTE()                   Quote JSON document
JSON_REMOVE()                  Remove data from JSON document
JSON_REPLACE()                 Replace values in JSON document
JSON_SEARCH()                  Path to value within JSON document
JSON_SET()                             Insert data into JSON document
JSON_TYPE()                            Type of JSON value
JSON_UNQUOTE()                 Unquote JSON value
JSON_VALID()                           Whether JSON value is valid

Not all of them must be implemented

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