Amanda Moran resolved TRAFODION-2036.
    Resolution: Fixed

> Write access permission denied for user TRAFODION on 
> "/hbase/archive/data/default"
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: TRAFODION-2036
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TRAFODION-2036
>             Project: Apache Trafodion
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: sql-general
>            Reporter: Roberta Marton
>            Assignee: Amanda Moran
> Trafodion using snapshots for loading data and building indexes.  Today, it 
> piggy-backs snapshot locations using the existing location - 
> /hbase/archive/data/default. ACL permissions for this location are not set 
> correctly and are reset at times by HBase.
> From a discussion with Cloudera:
> <That directory is where HBase places the storefiles from a major compaction, 
> deletion, snapshots drops, basically anything that would have caused HBase to 
> move files. Yes, it is periodically cleaned up, and files that don't belong 
> to a table being archived are targeted by that cleanup process*. This should 
> be considered an HBase internal repository and you shouldn't be putting 
> things in there and changing permissions. 
> *https://github.com/apache/hbase/blob/master/hbase-server/src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/hbase/backup/example/LongTermArchivingHFileCleaner.java";>
> Condensed e-mail exchange on this issue:
> <Originating problem>
> Subject: hive/test018: RE: Trafodion master Daily Test Result - 224 - Failure
> *** ERROR[8448] Unable to access Hbase interface. Call to 
> ExpHbaseInterface::scanOpen returned error HBASE_OPEN_ERROR(-704). Cause:
> > java.io.IOException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: 
> > org.apache.hadoop.security.AccessControlException: Permission denied: 
> > user=TRAFODION, access=WRITE, 
> > inode="/hbase/archive/data/default":hbase:hbase:drwxr-xr-x:user:TRAFODION:rwx,group::r-x,default:user::rwx,default:user:TRAFODION:rwx,default:group::r-x,default:mask::rwx,default:other::r-x
> >  We tried to solve this issue with the installer but it can't be done. 
>  <Amanda>
> The installer can create /hbase/archive but not /hbase/archive/data/default. 
> Cloudera/HDFS/HDP goes and deletes these directories sometimes before we can 
> even add the correct permissions to them (the next command). I don't know 
> 'why' this happens... I think it has something to do with creating 3 levels 
> of empty directories but I am not sure. 
>  I tested this and wrote long emails about this a few months ago... I even 
> put in the changes "anyways" but it causes installer to fail when the 
> directory is deleted before the next command (sometimes it deletes the 
> folders quickly sometimes more slowly) so I had to take it out. 
>  I will go back to my original comment on this... who (trafodion, hive, 
> hdfs?) is using this directory? Is this a hard coded value in our code? 
> <Selva>
> Snapshot is supposed to be used by hbase user alone because it was mostly 
> used for Admin purposes. In trafodion case, the snapshot is used as a 
> Trafodion user. This requires that the folders used by snapshot have read and 
> write permission for Trafodion user.  Hence we use ACL to provide access to 
> Traofodion. Alternatively, I have suggested that Trafodion user belongs to 
> hbase group and allow hbase group to have read/write permissions in the early 
> days of Esgyn. I believe it fell through the cracks. 
> <Roberta>
> One thing to consider, a customer who is concerned about security – will it 
> be acceptable to make the Trafodion ID belong to the HBase group?   A 
> customer that has an HBase setup separate from Trafodion may not want to give 
> the Trafodion user more elevated privileges.
> <Selva>
> In that case, we need to make ACL work somehow otherwise we can get into 
> problems at the time of bulkloading or create index. Couple of times, I got 
> into a situation that I was not able to bring up hbase in lava @hp till I 
> changed hdfs to give write permission to everyone.  This issue needs to be 
> addressed and I hope it doesn’t fall through the cracks again.
> <Sandhya>
> Thanks for all the feedback. If this issue has been around for such a long 
> time  , my question is why does this how up so infrequently ? The tests today 
> have also failed and we do need to address this issue ASAP. But it doesn’t 
> fail all the time. 
> Were the ACLs set up manually on the build machines for that 3 level deep 
> directory and do those just stay around ? Is this a new VM  and that’s why 
> it’s showing up ? 
> Amanda,  is there a Cloudera dev contact who can explain this issue that you 
> or CLR have already contacted ? Or can you post  the question in the usual 
> places you usually look for answers about CDH and HDP ? 
> Roberta’s reply seems to indicate we cannot grant permission in all cases. 
> (with Kerberos enabled) 
> <reply from consultation with Cloudera – included earlier in JIRA – we should 
> not be using this directory>

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