>Date:    Sat, 29 Sep 2001 06:33:09 -0400
>From:    Mark Francek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: 29 September 2001 Earth Science Site of the Week
>This week’s “Sites of the Week” feature time, exotic plant invaders,
>algal blooms, and tree identification
>“About Daylight Savings Time” by Institute for Dynamic Educational
>Advancement (IDEA) gives a complete overview of the rationale for
>daylight savings time, dates for the change, and world daylight savings
>time patterns.
>One of the most useful features of the Plant Conservation Alliance's
>“Weeds Gone Wild” site is the factsheets that it offers on exotic
>aquatics, herbs, vines, shrubs, and trees.  These factsheets offer
>“illustrated, easy-to-read information on invasive alien plants with
>native ranges, plant descriptions, ecological threats, U.S.
>distributions & habitats, background of  introductions, plant
>reproduction & dispersal, management approaches, alternative native
>plants, and other useful information.”
>“The Harmful Algal Bloom Photo Gallery” from the National Office for
>Marine Biotoxins and Harmful Algal Blooms archives a number of
>interesting pictures, ranging from microscopic to satellite scale, of
>harmful algal blooms on the ocean, an example of which is the “red
>Although not exhaustive in its coverage, the “What Tree Is It?” page
>from the Ohio Public Library Information Network” offers a quick, clean,
>graphic rich method for  tree identification by fruit, leaf, or name.
>Centered on Ohio, the trees archived are mainly restricted to the
>Northeast and Midwest.
>INSTRUCTION at http://personal.cmich.edu/~franc1m/homepage.htm  The
>links are organized around the sequence of topics typically taught in an
>introductory earth science or physical geography class. Links are also,
>available for environmental science, earth science/geography education,
>career opportunities, and more. The sites selected are based on image
>quality, ease with which lesson plans can be developed, organization,
>authenticity, scope, and format. Please contact me at
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] to remove yourself from the mailing list, add a
>new subscriber, or suggest a site to be listed.
>Thank you,
>Mark Francek
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>End of VIRTUALCOFFEEROOM Digest - 27 Sep 2001 to 29 Sep 2001 (#2001-61)

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