This is a pretty neat opportunity for those who are into GIS in their


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Subject: [EdGIS] ESRI US Community Atlas

ESRI's US Community Atlas has opened for its third year. Classes in K-12
schools are encouraged to compose a profile of their community, consisting
of 10-20 maps (in GIF or JPG format) and 1000-2500 words (in HTML
documents). After constructing and testing their group project, classes post
the files on the ESRI Community Atlas web site, and create an entry in a
searchable database.

The Community Atlas is a great opportunity for teachers in science, social
studies, English or language arts, and technology! This year, classes can
choose between three main types of projects: general community profile,
local conservation issue, or a historically focused presentation. Each arena
offers broad flexibility, and suggestions are listed on the "Details" page
of the web site.

As before, classes earn GIS software for their school when they submit
complete projects. One software award per school can be earned for complete
projects submitted before December 21, 2001, and a second award per school
for complete projects submitted by May 17, 2002.

Participants should look carefully at the details on the Community Atlas web
site, and note especially the Model Projects from the first two years (one
from middle school, one from high school). All complete projects from the
past are visible, and the Model Projects show how good cartography, strong
analysis, and very basic HTML can form a compelling story.

Teachers wanting to discuss strategies for tackling the Community Atlas will
also find an opportunity on ESRI's Online K12 Forum:

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