Title: Personalized Shirts Jackets Mugs, quality promotional and patriotic stuff, "boost your Image"

Just wanted to invite you to see our web-site, we have some pretty amazing prices on products that you could use to help promote your organization.

We are still in the production stages of our store, but you are more than welcome to come by and watch us develop.
We are very excited, come see why.


Thanks for your patience
May God Bless America
Tee-shirts with flag on it no minimum order only $14.95
Quality embroidered hats as low as 5.99 low minimum required
Tee-shirts with your own logo on them for as low as $5.88 minimum required
Coffee mugs with your logo as low as $3.99 minimum required
Hey, President Bush did tell us to do more shopping,\
Also there are some more products that you may or may not like. One, that seems to be getting way to much attention is our "Wipe Out Terrorism" toilet paper. … I know this is entirely inappropriate, but right now we are taking orders for three weeks out, we are sold out, but will be able to get them to you in 3 weeks. This stuff will be back up by Tonight.

osama bin laden T.P. $12.59 pr roll + shipping minimum required of 4 (people w/sense of humor only please)
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