Title: Have you seen this yet?

Thought you might like this, not sure why, (ha)

Now you can do your part to "wipe out the terrorists"


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Osama products are as hard to get in Pakistan as gas masks in America

Did you know that osama bin laden posters with pictures of him riding a white stallion, brandishing a shining saber, are selling out so fast, they are as hard to get in Pakistan as gas masks in America?

Yeah, that’s right, they have a pictures of this sicko, riding in the champions pose stallion rearing up on it’s hind legs, in a preparatory charge to battle. As if he was some sort of legendary hero, instead of a legendary sick, sick loser, who is taking advantage of an impoverished people with his inherited wealth, to wage war on a hope filled, kind, wonderfully generous people, thereby risking the lives of untold masses of innocent peoples in all corners of the globe and right in his back yard, while he is hiding out in a cave (with his, ... Closing in on 70 virgins (ohh, those poor women) that he has acquired without the trouble of his own suicide which he is promising to others only after they have done for his god, that which he is unwilling to do himself).

Meanwhile in surrounding countries

They are having trouble keeping their osama products on their shelves, …

These people over in these far off places so incredibly misunderstand our great nation, that they somehow have not only over looked what this sicko did, they have come to revere him has some icon that they are going to give some special place on the wall of their little house. I am hoping, as an American through and through, that this kind of gross misunderstanding of who and what we are is the mind set of the minority.

Well, ... we have some products of our own showing him on some more appropriate material.

More products that you may or may not like. One, that seems to be getting way to much attention is our "Wipe Out Terrorism" toilet paper. … I know this is entirely inappropriate, but right now we are taking orders for three weeks out, we are sold out, but will be able to get them to you in 3 weeks. This stuff will be back up by Tonight.

osama bin laden T.P. $12.59 pr roll + shipping minimum required of 4 (people w/sense of humor only please)

Better'n a lump a coal, great osama Gag gift


Flagstowear is really more of a promotions co. to see more, … ahh, a more subdued approach tag the regular link, but the top one is, … uhhm, … a bit, ... well, ... you'll see.

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