NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY: Center for Learning Technologies in Urban Schools

Postdoctoral, Research Faculty, and Senior Research Staff Positions

The Center for Learning Technologies (LeTUS) invites applications for 
postdoctoral, research faculty, and senior research staff positions 
to assist in the research and development activities of the center. 
LeTUS is an NSF-funded center that partners researchers, teachers, 
and administrators to help improve the teaching and learning of 
science in urban schools. Research staff filling these positions will 
join a highly interactive multidisciplinary team of researchers 
including learning scientists, learning technologists, and 
professional development experts, working in partnership with 
practitioners in Chicago schools. Applications are invited in the 
following three areas:

1. Professional Development in Science and Mathematics: In 
partnership with Chicago Public Schools and other partner 
universities, LeTUS is developing courses that (a) help middle grades 
science teachers learn to teach inquiry-based science, supported by 
technology, and (b)  help elementary teachers improve their science 
and mathematics teaching, focusing on subject matter, student 
thinking, and pedagogy. Researchers are needed to help in the design 
and enactment of these courses, and the research efforts to study 
their effectiveness.

2. Curriculum development: LeTUS is developing and studying inquiry 
curricula for middle and high school science that incorporate 
learning technologies as an integral component. Researchers are 
needed to help design and study new curricula for science classrooms. 
Projects also invole designing  afterschool and informal learning 

3. Empirical studies of teaching and learning: LeTUS is engaged in a 
range of empirical studies employing interviews, classroom 
observations, and written instruments to understand the impact of the 
center. Research foci include student learning, changes in teacher 
practice, and studies of the center as an organization.

Applicants should have a masters degree or a Ph.D. in learning 
sciences, science education, mathematics education, cognitive 
science, or a related field, and expertise relevant to the particular 
area of the position -- professional development, curriculum 
development, or empirical studies of teachers and students.

These positions are based in Northwestern University's School of 
Education and Social Policy, located on the University's Evanston 
campus. Salary is negotiable, depending on level of experience. The 
positions are available for start dates from October 1, 2001 through 
January 1, 2002.

To apply, send resume or CV, statement of purpose clearly indicating 
your particular focus area or areas of interest, and a list of people 
we might contact for letters of recommendation. Postdoctoral 
applicants should also include one or more academic papers. Send 
materials to:

LeTUS Research Positions
Northwestern University
School of Education and Social Policy
Annenberg Hall
2115 North Campus Drive
Evanston, IL  60208


Brian J. Reiser
Associate Professor, Learning Sciences
School of Education and Social Policy
2115 North Campus Drive
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL  60208-2610
Tel:   847-467-2205     Fax:   847-491-8999
LS Program Assistant: 847-491-7494
LS Web site:

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