THE DEPARTMENT LAUNCHED a new web site today.  It is described
     in the press release below.  

     A dedicated team in our Office of the Chief Information
     Officer, led by Keith Stubbs, worked for more than a year to
     develop the new site.  We are still making refinements.  Your
     comments & feedback are invited.   

     Kirk Winters
     EDInfo, U.S. Department of Education

ED Launches Redesigned Web Site: redesign makes site easier to use & 
offers users novel options to customize the site
for their needs & interests.  October 16, 2001

U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige announced today that the
Department of Education Web site has been redesigned to improve its
organization & function for all customers & to offer users
interested in customizing the Web site the option to personalize

"This redesigned site can help reduce the time teachers, parents &
others spend looking for information so they can spend more time
using it to help children learn," Paige said.  "The new
is part of what will be an ongoing effort to make the information &
resources of the Department of Education available & understandable
to policymakers, government leaders educators, parents & students

The new site includes several improvements & adds new
features for its users including the following:

  *  Information has been reorganized & can be reached through
     multiple paths, including these five categories:  grants &
     contracts, financial aid for students, education resources,
     research & statistics & policy.

  *  Customized pages have been created for teachers, principals,
     parents & families, students, higher education institutions &
     grantees & technical assistance providers.

  *  Visitors may personalize the site to see the latest
     information about their favorite topics.  They can also sign
     up for weekly updates announcing new additions to the site.

  *  An improved search function will produce results that are more
     relevant & reliable.

The redesign keeps the best features of the previous site. 
Visitors using the search function may still search as
well as the hundreds of Web sites supported by department grants &
programs.  The redesigned site also offers an alphabetical index of
the best starting points for research on the site & includes a site
map to provide a bird's-eye view of the entire site.

The Web site will continue to offer useful information available on
the previous site including:

  *  News regarding department activities & initiatives including
     press releases, speeches, EDInfo (an information service that
     announces new reports, new initiatives & funding opportunities
     from ED through e-mail) & NewsFlash (an e-mail-based alert
     service that announces new publications & news from the
     National Center for Education Statistics).

  *  Publications & products including reports & studies, research
     syntheses & connections to the ED Pubs online ordering system.

  *  The Guide to ED Programs, which describes department programs
     & offers background & contact information for potential
     applicants & participants.

  *  The president's budget request for federal education programs
     & information on how much Congress has appropriated &
     allocated for those programs.

  *  An overview of the department's organizational structure of
     programs & staff.

  *  Opportunities within the department including information on
     job openings & more.

The ED Web site -- -- is consistently ranked among the
top 10 most-visited government Web sites, with an average of more
than 1 million visitors & more than 12 million page views each
month.  A study of government Web sites, released in September 2001
by Brown University, ranked it sixth in quality among 58 federal

The redesign of was launched in response to feedback
from users who completed a survey on the Web site.  The redesigned
site launched today represents the first phase of redesign
activity, & the department will continue to improve the structure,
presentation & function of the resources & materials available on
the redesigned Web site during a second phase of redesign activity
that will begin shortly & continue through 2002.

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