On Wed, Aug 07, 2013 at 01:41:17PM -0400, ftg...@gmx.com wrote:
> I am using the git version of mbsync (from June 13).  I run mbsync with this 
> command line:
> /path/to/git-isync/src/mbsync -a -q -J -c ~/path/to/Acct1/mbsyncrc
> A few days ago one of the IMAP servers I use was upgraded to MS Exchange 
> 2010.  After the upgrade I have been getting error messages like
> Error: UIDVALIDITY of master changed (got xxxxx, expected yyyyy)
sounds familiar.

> It looks to me as though yyyyy only appears in my .mbsyncstate.journal and 
> .mbsyncstate.new files.
> Can I fix this just by changing yyyyy to xxxxx in my .mbsyncstate.whatever 
> files?
yes, you can simply change it ... in principle (and it worked just fine
for me, multipe times).
make sure that the message UIDs still match despite the changed
UIDVALIDITY - if they don't, you lose all messages.
use some online-imap client which can display UIDs (i think i used
thunderbird, because i had it set up anyway; i suspect mutt can do that
as well) to take some random samples (if the UIDs changed, all of them

the lower-risk approach is deleting the state files, so mbsync
propagates the messages both ways again. then use D~= in mutt to throw
out the dupes.

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