Dear list,

Upgrading isync on Debian testing to 1.2.1-2 I am getting the following
error with one of my previously working imap servers:

 $ mbsync -V aol
 Reading configuration file /home/peter/.mbsyncrc
 C: 0/1  B: 0/0  M: +0/0 *0/0 #0/0  S: +0/0 *0/0 #0/0
 Channel aol
 Opening master store aol-remote...
 Resolving ok
 Connecting to ( 
 Opening slave store aol-local...
 Connection is now encrypted
 Logging in...
 Error: SASL(-4): no mechanism available: No worthy mechs found

This happens with IMAPS as well as with STARTTLS. My system has the
package libsasl2-2 installed (as it is a dependecy of isync).

My config file has no AuthMechs statement set, as the default value for
AuthMechs is * and should be sufficient.

How can I go on debugging (and solving) this issue? The mailing list
archives seem to hold no relevant prior posting.

Thank you!

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