I have two machines (clients) that I sync with a central IMAP server. Now I'd like to have some folders that are only present on the clients and not on the server. I could setup mbsync to sync directly between the two clients.

This would give a triangular topology where both client1 and client2 sync with the server, and client1 syncs with client2. Is this a bad idea? If client1 and client2 both receive new mail from the server, and then sync between each other, mbsync will see the same messages appearing on both sides. Will it handle this case?

If not, I can probably live with a linear topology (one of the clients is always on), but this clearly doesn't scale...

The reason why I'm reluctant to sync everything via the central server is that I have a lot of mail (20 years) in many folders. Most of these folders are static, so I could archive them somehow, but this would involve moving mail as folders fall out of use.

Another question: what would happen if sometimes client1 (=slave) syncs with client2 (=master), and sometimes client2 (=slave) syncs with client1 (=master)?


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