Dear List & Moderator,

I hope the moderator can pass this message to the list. I'm unable to subscribe 
to the list via the sourceforge page. It just says "your subscriptions violated 
our antispam protection" - even when I'm logged into my SF account.

Anyway, I'm writing because I use mbsync and would like to keep messages on the 

My config:
1) OS X - mu4e - mbsync - IMAP - GMAIL - INBOX
2) OS X - mu4e - mbsync - IMAP - DavMail - Exchange ( - INBOX

For (1), when I archive messages locally in mu4e, they are removed from the 
GMAIL inbox, but remain in "All Mail" and I can read and search them in Gmail 
if I need to.

For (2), when I archive the messages locally, they disappear from the server.

I've RTFM and experimented with ExpungeState but cannot figure out how to 
change the behavior. Does anyone here have any hints?

Thank you,

  Ken Mankoff

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