I am having trouble with syncing mail automatically when I login. I
currently have a systemd timer that syncs mail every 5 minutes. However,
it doesn't sync due to me having to enter a passcode when I use my gpg key
due to PassCmd. I have gpg-agent running, so it caches my passcode when
I enter it somewhere, but it only saves my passcode until I use a gpg service
somewhere else and then I enter my passcode. After entering my passcode, it 
syncing mail automatically but it's a really awkward way to do this,
since I have to use an external service completely unrelated and then it starts 

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there a way for me to
enter my gpg passcode somewhere when I login, or plug in a smartcard 
(I am using a yubikey)? Or is there something wrong on my end?


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