Portsmouth, NH


6+ Months

This is a very high level role.  Candidate Must have great communication

*Having Dojo and JavaScript Frameworks would be perfect (Angular, React,
etc).   Must have at least Architect level JavaScrpt Frameworks.*

Bring in consultant to review our current sales client framework and make
recommendations for moving to another. In our case, we use the Dojo
javascript framework for our front-end. The effort to move to more modern,
flexible, modular frameworks like React, Angular, etc needs to be
identified. We’re looking for a path to get there and what can we do now to
make our code more framework agnostic to make that migration easier in the
future. Also, what frameworks might this consultant recommend for our
needs, knowing that frameworks change at a rapid pace.

We are looking for someone with at least 10 to 15 years of experience.

List Required Skills: Re-act, Angular JavaScript Frameworks. Need an
architect to help determine roadmap to get away from Dojo framework and
identify which target framework to select. Also need to help build the
business case and cost-benefit analysis for making the switch.

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