Please have a look and let me know how much you are comfortable with it

Title: Java Developer

*Location - Mountain View, CA*

 Passport number also required.

*Job Description – *

·         6+ years of professional or open-source experience writing
JavaScript (not just jQuery)

·         2+ years of professional or open-source experience with a
JavaScript MVC toolkit in a Single Page Architecture.  Most notably React
framework but also including AngularJS, Dojo, Backbone.js, Knockout or

·         2+ years of experience with CSS framework such as LESS, Sass, etc.

·         Similar experience in a modern consumer environment (Pinterest,
Box, Quora, Facebook...) and/or open source projects (contributed to
node.js, dojo toolkit, NPM modules, etc)

·         Firm grasp of framework URL based routing principles

·         Familiarity with standard javascript async patterns (closures,
callbacks, promises, error handling, etc.)

·         Moderate CS fundamentals and an object oriented language (think
an undergrad CS degree, or similar amount of work experience)

·         Experience coding against RESTful APIs or service oriented middle

·         Never ending desire to self-educate on the latest list of web
technologies like HTML, CSS, javascript frameworks and bleeding edge
browser features/idiosyncrasies

*Appreciated Skills – *

·         Experience with GIT SCM

·         Experience writing RESTful APIs and middle tier coding in
Node.js, Java, Python or C++

Thanks & Regards,

Himanshu Nigam

Technical Recruiter

E-Solutions Inc

Email: himansh...@e-solutionsinc.com

GTalk: himanshunig...@gmail.com

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