Hi all.

I allmost finished my 1st private program using iup in lua.
Compared to wxwidgets the compiled program is much smaller, The learning
curve seems to be much steeper caused also from the fact, the documentation
is well organized and the content is a great help.

But some wishes related to the documentation but the code itself, remain:

- I want to read the html documentation offline. Each time i open
  iuplua/html/index.html, my web-browser do not display sub items in the tree
  on the left side, caused by the fact i disabled active content for file://
  adresses. After temporary activating scripts, the iup doc try to fetch
  something from the internet and delays display. This may be a security
  risk, not by iup documentation itself but caused by the fact that all
  browser tabs are now free to execute local scripts.
  I would like to see:
  - No try to fetch something from the web.
  - no active content needed.
  I like the solution, the lua team found - using a index page with all the
  keywords. I would like to see a "no-frames" solution.

Keep up the great work.


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