Adding values via IupPlotInsert does not update AXS_YMAX under AXS_YAUTOMAX 
properly, in one case.
I have four tabs, each with a plot of 7 datasets on it, updated dynamically (it 
looks for the previously quickest and extends that set).
The AXS_YAUTOMAX works fine on tabs 2..4, just not on the first tab. In that 
case I'm not adding anything to dataset 4, which I have
realised is causing the problem, and have fixed things by invoking 
IupPlotInsert on tab1/set4 with the equivalent of {0,0} in setup.

My question is, should IupPlotInsert for datasets 5..7 set AXS_YMAX when 
dataset 4 is empty?

Since I have a workaround, I'm perfectly happy - just thought you should know 
about this.


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