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>   Hi,
>   I run the sample here in debug, and with the release version, but the
> problem did not appeared. I understand you are rebuilding the tree during a
> double click. This is what you are doing in your program too or just a
> test? I wouldn't recommend that.

I build iup by mingw64 (with my own makefile), but I guess it's related to
windows version . I use windows 10 64bit (1709/16299.192)

My program is complex than the test I posted. I want to map a file system
to a tree control like editplus (

Only one branch can be expanded. (See

For example,


If you double click 'Public' , 'Document' will collapsed and the branch
removed , and `Public`  folder will be expaned like :


So I need remove some items and add some new one here. Rebuilding may be a
easy way to do that.

>   Anyway, I think we may test for a valid item there, but I don't think
> that every call to GETITEM should be tested and simply return doing
> nothing.

I agree, but I think we should check it here at least  .

This patch can fix my problem:

Index: src/win/iupwin_tree.c
--- src/win/iupwin_tree.c       (版本 4683)
+++ src/win/iupwin_tree.c       (工作副本)
@@ -811,7 +811,8 @@
   /* Get Children: branch or leaf */
   item.hItem = hItem;
-  SendMessage(ih->handle, TVM_GETITEM, 0, (LPARAM)(LPTVITEM)&item);
+  if (!SendMessage(ih->handle, TVM_GETITEM, 0, (LPARAM)(LPTVITEM)&item))
+         return IUP_IGNORE;
   itemData = (winTreeItemData*)item.lParam;

   if (itemData->kind == ITREE_BRANCH)

If we found the Item is invalid, return  IUP_IGNORE.  It's call by

  else if(msg_info->code == TVN_ITEMEXPANDING)
    /* mouse click by user: click on the "+" sign or double click on the
selected node */
    NMTREEVIEW* tree_info = (NMTREEVIEW*)msg_info;
    HTREEITEM hItem = tree_info->itemNew.hItem;

    if (winTreeCallBranchLeafCb(ih, hItem) != IUP_IGNORE)
      TVITEM item;

hItem is get from `msg_info`, it just removed from the tree when the
problem occurs. I guess windows put the `WM_NOTIFY` message into message
queue first, and then the items removed, but the message is still in the
windows message queue.

>   Is there a way that I can force the sample in a situation that the
> problem would be more likely to occur?

In my sample, I wrote a function do_some_systemcall() to open a file lots
of times, and call  this function every time I add or remove tree items.
This can trigger the bug more likely in my environment.  (without this
function, the bug is hardly reproduced)

>   Which IUP version are you using?

SVN R4683
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