Dear all, 
I've been working yesterday with iupPlot / Lua : what i want to do is to add 
points with mouse (i could do this with plotbutton_cb) and, when i click on an 
existing sample, to move it on the graph with mouse. I'm able to find the point 
with the plot:FindSample(), and to select it isn't a problem - 
plot:SetSampleSelection(). Even having mouse values isn't a problem with 
plotmotion_cb. The problem is that i can't find a way to change the sample 
coordinates : even the plot:SetSample() function doesn't work for me (and i 
don't really understand why this function doesn't take x and y points as input 
arguments).Is this function designed for that purpose ? Or is there another way 
? Maybe having direct access on the Dataset Table could be great, but i don't 
find neither a way to change coordinates in the dataset : the IupPlot page 
online only talks about DS_REMOVE, or DS_COUNT, but there is no DS_EDIT or 
something like that. 
Any help would be great
Also, this Plot seems really powerfull, "bravo" for this beatiful work, and 
thanks a lot.


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