The following builds have been tagged as 'stable':
   - dovecot22u-2.2.25-1.ius

   - php56u-5.6.26-1.ius

   - php70u-7.0.11-1.ius

   - python27-mod_wsgi-4.5.6-1.ius

   - python27-setuptools-25.4.0-1.ius

   - python32-mod_wsgi-4.5.6-1.ius

   - python32-setuptools-25.4.0-1.ius

   - python33-mod_wsgi-4.5.6-1.ius

   - python33-setuptools-25.4.0-1.ius

   - python34u-setuptools-25.4.0-1.ius

   - python35u-mod_wsgi-4.5.6-1.ius

   - python35u-setuptools-25.4.0-1.ius

Please note that downstream mirrors take anywhere from 1-24 hours to sync.

Installing From IUS Repositories

First read the Getting Started guide here:

Then either install:

    root@linuxbox ~]# yum install <package1> <package2>

OR upgrade if you already have IUS Packages installed:

    root@linuxbox ~]# yum upgrade

Additionally, if you'd like to install or upgrade a package from 'testing' 
simply do the following:

    root@linuxbox ~]# yum install <package1> --enablerepo=ius-testing
    root@linuxbox ~]# yum upgrade <package1> --enablerepo=ius-testing

Reporting Bugs

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please report all bugs to:


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