Yes, we do plan to release it soon. Unfortunately, one of the issues that we want to target for this release is WIP on my plate and we probably will push it out for next release. There's a thread in dev list with the plan for the release. We'll discuss this there this week and see if we can get a release out soon.


On 31/01/18 9:33 PM, Rudd, Michael (NIH/OD) [C] wrote:
I ran into some JDK9 issues with Reflection while using Ivy 2.2.0 with Ant 
1.8.2 (Ivy was giving an ACCESS warning on resolving artifacts).

So, I was looking at the latest Ivy release and noticed that it was dated 2014, 
which caused some concerns about  maintainability and availability of future 
bug fixes.

I've noticed the latest CI build ( ) refers 
to Ivy 2.5.0 - any plans/dates on when that may be released ?



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