Hi Satish,

It's hard to provide specific help, given the nature of the question. But I think this document https://ant.apache.org/ivy/history/latest-milestone/concept.html might help you come up with a plan on how you want to configure your dependency resolver(s) which can understand how/where to fetch the module descriptor and artifacts from.


On 08/02/18 1:50 AM, Satish Sura wrote:
Hello IVY Team,
                          I am newbie to  ivy and planning to use ivy as
dependent mgmt. tool in our company. I looked different examples but
couldn't find any details on how to implement the requirement we have.

  We have dependencies of 3rdparty that need to be downloaded before our
build. These files are located at different folders (& subfolders
underneath) with variety of file types (like  .dll, .exe, .txt, .jar, .war,
.zip, etc).

And at the end we have to publish installer bits (end products) that
doesn't have any standard naming convention of ivy tokens. These need to be
picked up from specific folder D:/distribution and there is no specific
naming convention std for this. (Instead it should be any *.zip & *.jar)

for ex:
this naming of the folder is dynamically created based on date and time
during the time of creation
underneath the folder 20180206_2010/

And also, simultaneously we have to pick from folder latest/

How to achieve the above with ivy to manage artifacts from/to artifactory
repository server? Robocopy to NAS server was done so fine & easily  but
now we have to start using artifactory repository and trying to do this
with ivy tool to download and publish artifacts. (giving me sleepless
nights )

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