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There was an attempt at this in a PR recently, but it wasn't tested and as per the submitter there wasn't a clear understanding on how it works in certain cases. There's this JIRA https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IVY-1280 which is open for this task.

Given some other tasks, I'm not sure when I can get to this to investigate what it takes to get this done, but if someone else doesn't get to it before me, I'll take a look when time permits.


On 05/06/18 12:56 PM, Sebastian Götz wrote:
Hello to all.

I have been using IVY since 6 years now to manage our dependencies. By now I run into an issue that our CI builds take longer and longer. After investigating this I found that the ivy deliver ANT task first uses unauthorized access to the target repository. After the server rejects the request it makes a second attempt with the provided credentials which succeeds. The problem now is that the deliver artifacts are quite large (~1 GByte). So upon the first attempt the artifact is uploaded and rejected and then again uploaded and accepted. This takes a long time.

So my question is: is there any possibility to force preemptive authentication or supply a http-header for any request to the repository server?

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