The resolver for NXRM is a standard ibiblio resolver configuration with
Maven 2 compatibility enabled and the remaining options are the default.
Changing the resolver options (i.e.,  has not provided any different

<ibiblio name="release" m2compatible="true"

Using curl, it can be shown that NXRM returns the 404 error for a HEAD or
GET request which is believed to be the same request that Ivy in processing.

When NXRM3 was released, the following ticket was written for an issue that
seems similar to the Ivy 404 error,  However, the resolution
has been implemented in the latest version of NXRM, but Ivy is still
getting the 404 error code.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 11:28 PM, Jaikiran Pai <>

> Could you share with us the ivysettings.xml which configures this Nexus(?)
> 3 resolver?
> -Jaikiran
> On 12/07/18 11:33 PM, t4rockets wrote:
>> When Ivy 2.4.0 is requesting header information during an ivy:buildnumber
>> task, NXRM 3.x is returning for 404 error code indicating the page was not
>> found. Because of the 404 error, the buildnumber task can not determine the
>> current build number so that it can be incremented. The Ivy multi-project
>> example has the test case where this error can be seen. The Ivy example
>> uses the local filesystem resolver and that work as expected, but adding
>> NXRM OSS 3.X as another resolver for publication causes the error to occur
>> after the initial artifact (version/build number 1) is published. The
>> version/build number is always 1 because the ivy:buildnumber task does not
>> find the existing artifact for version/build number 1.

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