Hi all,

My project downloads from a Maven respositories where different
dependencies do not have consistent names. For instance, javassist has
different ORG definitions:
- org.jboss if version < 3.8
- javassist if 3.8 <= version < 3.13
- org.javassist if version >= 3.13

I fix this inconsistency with namespaces by mapping all ORGs to the most

<namespace name="fix-javassist">
                  <src org="org.jboss" module="javassist"/>
                  <src org="javassist" module="javassist"/>
                  <dest org="org.javassist" module="javassist"/>

However cached dependencies do not see the new namespace definitions. For
instance, a dependency that transitively depends on org.jboss#javassist-3.5
(as defined at its ivy-x.y.z.xml) won't map this to org.javasist#javassist.

Is there a way to force namespace rules for cached dependencies?


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