On 19/12/18 9:30 PM, decebal wrote:
> So, to simplify the problem, why this not matching message:
>> Non matching revision detected when sorting.  Dependency
>> bundle#org.eclipse.ui.workbench[3.112.0,4.0.0) doesn't match
>> bundle#org.eclipse.ui.workbench;3.112.0.v20180906-1121 
> The message is normal/correct? I think that no, we have [3.112.0,4.0.0) and
> 3.112.0.v20180906-1121. Is it possible to be a bug?

The "latest-revision" strategy used by the version range matcher is
incapable of understanding 3.112.0.v20180906-1121 (which looks like OSGi
version scheme). I would have recommended using "latest-osgi" strategy,
like something below in your ivysettings.xml:

    <typedef name="version-range"
    <version-matchers usedefaults="true">
        <version-range latest="latest-osgi"/>

But then I looked at some of your dependencies and tried it out myself
and it looks like not all those dependency versions are compatible with
OSGi version scheme and as a result the version matcher keeps failing.


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