Hello Thomas,

Which version of Ivy and Java are you using? Can you paste the output of
java -version?
Also, does your classpath have Apache HTTP client libraries? I am trying to
understand if this is coming from the HTTP client library or the JDK
classes that we use in Ivy.


On Thursday, July 11, 2019, Thomas Langston
<thomas.langs...@mongodb.com.invalid> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm getting the following SSL error when trying to resolve packages
> from atlassian's artifactory repo via ivy.
> [ivy:retrieve] Server access error at url
> No subject alternative DNS name matching packages.atlassian.com
> found.)
> However, when I view the certificate in Chrome or Firefox, it appears
> valid. The Subject Alternative Name extension has the following
> values.
> Not Critical
> DNS Name: *.atlassian.com
> DNS Name: atlassian.com
> Is this an error on my side or atlassian's? How would I go about
> solving it, preferably without disabling any SSL security?
> Thanks,
> Thomas Langston

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