Can somebody give me a quick rundown regarding the usage of Ant+Icy
when having multiple projects in the same repository. I'm a little bit
confusing regarding how to define the dependency.

Let's assume that Project AB has the two modules A and B:

    Parent AB
     |-Project A
     |  |-src
     |  |-build.xml
     |  \-ivy.xml 
     |-Project B
     |  |-src
     |  |-build.xml
     |  \-ivy.xml

I'm unsure how to make B depending on A, and how to correctly declare
that dependency in the ivy.xml of B. Do I need to define a custom
resolver which is checking the other project? Can somebody give me a
quick rundown on what is the best way to do this? Or should I structure
my project differently?

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